NEWS BULLETIN - May 25, 2020

The time has finally come for many of us to start playing Pickleball as a Club again! We have organised Club play sessions at two outdoor venues, Copper Point and Pine Ridge, and we are hopeful that indoor play will soon resume at the Rec' Centre.

Before any of our members will be permitted to play under the ambit of the Club, they need to accept extraordinary precautions that are intended to mitigate the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Note that according to Pickleball Canada: Pickleball play in contravention of local, provincial or federal laws or regulations is not an Authorized Activity and consequently is not covered by Pickleball Canada insurance.

The Club takes the need for special precautions very seriously, and as such, every member who intends to participate in Club activities (into the foreseeable future) must agree to adhere to the Club's ancillary safety protocols (at a minimum) and indicate so by reading, understanding, and accepting a special waiver. Any member who breaches the special rules will be subject to potential suspension (and even expulsion) from the Club. The special rules may be amended in accordance with any changes made to the Province's rules and guidelines.

The special rules and waiver will be available to members on the Club website and on the SignUpGenius app for review upon their completion. Naturally, anyone who applies for membership will also be subject to these extraordinary requirements. Some of the special requirements are described below, but details will be provided in due course.

Efforts must be made to minimise the possibility of respiratory transmission of the virus between members, between members and the operators of the venues, and members and the general public - social distancing and strong hygiene protocols must be practiced as much as is practicable. As such, to ensure that the Club adheres to the Provincial requirements and guidelines:

· Non-members are not permitted to participate in Club activities, so if anyone intends to bring a guest, that guest must join the Club (prior to attending).

· Spectators (whether or not they are members) and non-member players are not welcome at the courts (even if a court is vacant) during Club-dedicated sessions.

· There will be no pregame or postgame socialising or lingering at the venue. Players must arrive no earlier than five minutes before their scheduled play-time, and they must depart immediately after their final game - the social aspects of participation in Club play are, in essence, suspended.

· Only two courts will be available for use at either venue (even though all of them are reserved for the Club's exclusive use), with at least one vacant court between the occupied courts. As such, there must be no more than eight members at the venue at any single time.

· With the number of players on a court restricted, each member is permitted to book only one 1½-hour time-slot per day.

· Efforts must also be made to avert transmission through physical contact (between people and equipment). Strong hygiene protocols must be practiced as much is practicable - so all rackets and balls, and high touch areas such as the net post and the gates should be sanitized before play commences.

· Players must supply bring their own drinking water, rackets, balls, and sanitizing supplies.

At the outdoor venues, the Club has reserved the courts for a 4 hour block per play-day, comprised of three 1½ hour game-periods with 15 minute intervals (for the arrival/departure of players), three days per week. The dedicated times at Copper Point are scheduled for between 8:00 and 1:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while Club sessions at Pine Ridge are between 8:00 and 1:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Each session is divided into three distinct play-times; from 8:00 - 9:30, 9:45 - 11:15, and 11:30 - 1:00.

Players must book their play-times through SignUpGenius, and one player at each court must sign on as the Host (for their own court). If other members book the other court, one of those other players must serve as the Host for that other court. Hosts are expected to ensure that everyone who attends a Club session adheres to the special rules.

Any member who will not be attending their scheduled play-time must immediately delete their booking from the sign-up page on SignUpGenius. Failure to delete their booking could confound contact tracing, and it would lock out potential replacement players.

Bookings are available on a first come - first served basis. Advance bookings can be made up to three scheduled sessions per week.

Attendance records will be stored in SignUpGenius. The records are important to the Club, but it may also prove important for contact tracing. The Club's attendance records will be released, upon request, to the appropriate authorities. Your permission to do so is implied whenever you sign up through SignUpGenius to participate in Club activities, so if you see this as a potential violation your rights to privacy, do not sign up to play, but you must forego all Club activities until further notice.

Copper Point has graciously offered us discounted memberships of $50/year, or $5/visit. The Copper Point membership-fee and the daily fee must be paid (before you play) at either the Golf Shop in the Clubhouse or at the Driving Range Shop. Annual members must also check in (at either shop) before they play. Copper Point members can use the courts during Club scheduled sessions as well as whenever they are open to the general public. The driving range bathrooms will be available for our use. Since only two (of the four) courts are available for use during Club sessions, at least one court must remain unused between the two occupied courts. Attending players are to block off the unused courts by turning the nets sideways to indicate they are not available, and they must return both nets to their proper positions before departing (unless members from the next group(s) to play during a scheduled session have already arrived, and they confirm that they will attend to the nets accordingly). Parking is permitted at the "lower" driving range parking lot (if there is a vacant stall, but if there is not, you must park in the "upper" lot).

Playing at Pine Ridge is free. The portable toilet facilities might not be available. Attending players must lower the centre net to indicate that the centre court is left vacant, and they must restore the net to its proper height before they depart (unless members from the next group(s) to play during a scheduled session have already arrived and they confirm that they will attend to the net accordingly).

News of play opportunities at the Rec' Centre will be sent in due course.

Thank you for helping us to resume Pickleball activities during these trying times. Check the Invermere Pickleball Club website at or log onto your SignUpGenius account for updates. Emails will be sent for the more important announcements.

Stay safe, and have fun!